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Sanremo Cafe Racer Naked

Sanremo Cafe Racer Naked

السعر العادي Dhs. 55,000.00 AED
السعر العادي سعر البيع Dhs. 55,000.00 AED
تخفيضات نفذت الكمية

Sanremo Cafe Racer has the best of technology in a light and sturdy chassis, much like in a café racer motorbike. It brings together beautiful design and the latest energy-saving technology unlike any other commercial espresso machine on the market. With advanced boiler technology and a simple user interface, the Racer delivers outstanding high-volume coffee time after time.

Energy Saving Technology

A multi-boiler system providing complete temperature stability while using 50% less energy than a traditional espresso machine.

Handle High Volumes Easily

Designed for an efficient service the 360-degree taps, cool, touch steam wands, and simple interface makes it easy for baristas to make great coffees faster.

Real-Time Display Control

Real-time displays and precision controls make it easy to adjust every temperature, pressure, and extraction time to deliver the best taste. 



  • High-performance volumetric pump for prolonged use
  • Cool Touch Steam wands fitted with latte-art terminals
  • Top-quality flowmeter volumetrics for precise coffee dose
  • Insulation & smart energy control saves up to 30% energy
  • Programmable pre-infusion up to 4 profiles for each group
  • 360-degree control for producing & dispensing steam
  • LED lights allow efficient working in low light conditions
  • System Display shows all of the machine functions
  • Immediate mixing of cold/hot water for better quality
  • Easy access to internal parts for quick technical service



Technical Data 2 Groups 3 Groups
Voltage (V) 230/240 1N, 380/415 3N 230/240 1N, 380/415 3N
Power Input (KW) 7.03 8.35
Steam Boiler Capacity (lt) 8 10
External Pump Power (kW) 0.165 0.165
Preheating Boiler Capacity  (lt) 1.0 1.5
Boiler Resistance Power (kW) 1.0 1.5
Cup-heater Power (KW) 0.16 0.2
Units Boiler Capacity (lt) 1.0 1.5
Net Weight (Kg) 97 120
Weight (with shipping crate) (kg) 148 171
Width (inches/mm) 34.5/877 41.6/1057
Depth (inches/mm) 26.7/680 26.7/680
Height (inches/mm ) 21/534 21/534
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